Looking through our customer files, we can’t help but notice that many of our customers use our services for certain items (like business cards, rubber stamps, or envelopes), but get their other printed products from somewhere else. We wish they’d let us quote on their other printing needs.

We have recently been given the opportunity to quote on a couple of jobs that shined a light on the true value of a price quote. The first was for full-color, custom presentation folders for a new customer. They had been paying well over $8,000 from their printer. Our price was $4,000, for the same quantity, and the same quality. Less than half!

The second job was for full-color business cards. This customer was paying $130 for 1,000 cards. Our price for the same cards is $50 per thousand. Once again, we are less than half the price they were accustomed to paying!

Why the big difference? Credit it to technology. When full-color printing became more available to smaller businesses, the process was tedious and expensive. There was no other way. However, the same technology that slashed prices on digital cameras from thousands of dollars (just a few short years ago) to hundreds today, with more megapixels than ever — has brought the cost of color printing down, as well. Our competitors who are still using ‘old technology’ are still charging yesterday’s prices. Or perhaps they’ve updated, but haven’t passed the savings along to their customers.

It’s time to get a new price quote, and Ludlow Printing is a great place to discover your savings! Whether it’s color business cards, folders, magnets, signs, letterhead, newsletters, postcards, brochures, door hangers, or anything you can come up with to market your company, we can do it with the highest quality and the lowest prices around. Contact us today, by phone (583-5220) or email (info@ ludlowprinting.com) for your price quote. We will get back to you quickly, so you can start saving on your next printing project.