Event Ticket Printing

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We’re printing lots of tickets this week! If your organization is holding an event, or someone you know is planning a Jack & Jill or Bachelor Party … You’ve GOT to SEE the theater-style event tickets we design and print. Make your special occasion look like a million-dollar affair, for a surprisingly low cost, and a quick turn-around time. Stop in, or email us, today!

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The Business Card is Dead…Long Live the Business Card!

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Quick, think…how many digital devices do you have that you can use to communicate with others? Three? Four? More? The fact is that doing business in our electronic age requires digital communications. But where does that leave one of the staples of business conversation, the business card? That small printed piece of thick card stock that business owners, employees, and sales people use in the moments after meeting someone. The business...

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1 Little-Known Direct Mail Hack that Businesses are Starting to Use

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We all get a lot of junk mail  because it’s really cheap for big companies to send all that junk to millions of people. But, when small businesses want to get their message out there, it can be a big hassle, with bulk mail permits, and mailing lists, and bundling and sorting – all to save a few cents, per piece, on postage. Now there’s a new, little-used product out there called “Every Door Direct Mail – Retail”, and Ludlow Printing...

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Do You Make These 4 Business Card Mistakes??

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With 30 years’ experience in the printing industry, we have identified the four biggest mistakes people make when they need business cards. 1. “TOO MUCH INFORMATION” – A card that is filled to the brim, with words and numbers galore, is going to overload the recipient – and generate a quick path to the wastebasket. Wide open ‘White Space’ draws attention to the information that IS there. (If there is an abundance of...

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Western Mass’ Rubber Stamp Source

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Did you know that Ludlow Printing is your best source for rubber stamps in the Greater Springfield, Mass. area? We offer a wide selection of both self-inking and wood-handled rubber stamps. Save time and effort, wherever you find yourself writing the same thing, over and over again. Our self-inking stamps can be re-inked easily. Not only do we sell the re-fill ink, but we will also show you how it’s done. (You won’t find THAT on line!) There...

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