Congratulations! You’re getting married and we’re very excited for you. We love weddings and we think marriage is a beautiful thing. We also want you to consider the impression you’ll give your wedding guests when they think about your upcoming “big day”. Moreover, we want you to leave your guests wowed by your attention to even the smallest detail after your wedding. Here’s one easy step you can take to making sure that happens:Pay close attention to your “save-the-date” and “thank you” cards.

The save-the-date cards could be the first thing your guests will see when learning about your engagement. They both announce the wedding and give your invitees a sense for what kind of wedding you are planning on having. These cards should closely match the wedding invitations you’ll be sending later and should have a “look” to them that suggests whether your wedding will be formal or casual, shorts and flip flops or evening gowns and tuxedos. So, pay careful attention to your save the date cards and ensure that they give the right first impression. By the way, the rule of thumb for save-the-date cards is to send them out six months to a year in advance of the wedding…we can give you a whole list of wedding planning tips when you stop by our wedding invitation center.

Ok, with the first impression covered, we’d also like you to think about the last impression you’ll make on your guests after the wedding. You are going to want to thank people for celebrating your special event with you and also express gratitude for any gifts you receive. Choosing a beautiful “thank you” card will do just that. Much like the save-the-date cards you sent out, the thank you cards should match the look of your invitations and express the same feelings that people felt on your wedding day. The time-honored tradition of hand writing your cards and personalizing each note will go a long way in keeping your wedding in the minds of your guests. Did you know that you have a full year to send your thank you cards? We’d recommend, though, making it a priority soon after the wedding to have maximum gratitude-value!

Your save-the-date cards and your thank you cards bookend your wedding, they are the first and last things people see and touch surrounding your event. We’re proud to let you know that we have cards that will fit just about any budget. Give us a call or stop by our wedding invitation center (with our without an appointment) and let’s see what we can do together.